Q:  Do you folks have a Facebook page?


Of course! Who doesn’t?
In fact we have 4 cycling-related pages:

1. Gravel Grinder Cycling: Which covers all our mixed-terrain events;

2. Fire Road 100: Which is focused on the Cedar City race in particular;

3. Planet Ultra: For all our roadie-only friends;

4. Hoodoo 500: Catering to our über-ultra racers.

Please Like and Follow us on one or all. On occasion the same post will appear on each of the pages; but generally speaking you won’t be inundated with stuff on your newsfeed because honestly, we’re out riding our bikes.

Oh yeah, we’re on Instagram too!

Q:  Which bike should I bring?


For those of you stoked to have N+1 bikes and actually have a choice, a gravel bike, adventure bike, cyclocross bike or hard-tail mountain bike are all fine choices. A road bike with at least 28mm slicks would be do-able if you have excellent bike handling skills and would feel comfortable with the potential for loose gravel, rocks or sandy conditions. Entirely up to you. Make it part of your strategy.

That said, a full-suspension mountain bike is not needed or recommended; but if that’s all you’ve got, bring it.

Q:  Which gearing should I use?


This race has over 6,200′ of climbing, with some very steep dirt sections (mostly in the first 12 miles). The highest elevation is over 7,000′.

Unless you are well acclimated to elevation, you may expect to have to upshift at least one gear more than you’d normally climb with.

The largest gear we’d attempt for this race is 34×32. Our personal bikes are actually 34×36.

If your gravel/cross bike has the traditional 36/46 cyclocross chainrings and 11×28 cassette, unless you’re a pro, you may regret not changing gears.

Q:  What tires should I use?


That’s a tough question.

Everyone has different skills and comfort level on the bike. But we can say one thing for sure:

We highly recommend tubeless..

For most riders with decent skills, we recommend a tire with file tread or a more gravel oriented tire like a Clement X’plor. For a mountain bike, a XC racing tire should suffice. 28mm slicks would work with your road bike if you’ve got good bike handling skills and are comfortable with the varying of road conditions.

Q:  What should I carry with me?


Water:  2 bottles or a Camelbak. Your choice. One bottle is NOT enough. Even when it’s not hot, the humidity is very low. You may not feel wet from sweat, but you’ll be losing lots of fluid when you’re working hard and breathing the dry air. Please start the ride adequately hydrated and drink often.

Repair:  At least two tubes and either a pump or several C02s. We’ll have plenty of support on the course; but as all seasoned riders know, invariably you’ll flat just after SAG passes you, or as far from an aid station as possible. So please come prepared to change your own.

Gravel riding can be hard on your bike so bring a multi-tool as well. Be sure your tool has a bit for every fastener on your bike and that it can reach them!

Q:  Is there camping nearby?


We do have permission for limited car/tent camping in the Town Park at the finish line and for some RV parking (no hookups) at the rodeo grounds. If you’d like one of the spots, please email us in advance and reserve a spot.

Q:  What’s the weather going to be like?


We’re starting early, so it should be fairly cool in the morning; and we’ll be at elevations between 5000′ and 7000′ all day, so it should be very pleasant.

That said, it’s Utah. It could be windy. It could be hot. It could be cold. Come prepared for any scenario. You just never know what you’re gonna get in the desert and at elevation.

Q:  What about beer?


It’s Utah…

We’re not allowed to serve it, but you can bring your own and drink it at the finish line. Just be cool about it and drink responsibly.