This is where you’ll find the RULES (yep, we have to have ’em) and other information you’ll want/need. Please check back on occasion for updates. There may be a pop-quiz as some point. 


♣ Event will be held rain or shine, hot or cold, windy or calm. That said, in the event of extreme weather, natural disaster, fire, or any other issue beyond our control that could endanger participants or staff, the ride may be shortened, postponed or cancelled without refund.

♣ Friday night packet pick-up is 5:30pm to 8pm at Main Street Park Pavilion (same as start/finish area). Saturday morning packet pick-up is 6:30am to 7am under the pavilion at our start/finish venue, Main Street Park. You musts pre-register online by Friday at noon. We will not offer on-site registration.

♣ No refunds or rain checks, sorry; but you may purchase cancellation insurance when you sign up. For a small fee ($25), you may transfer your entry to another rider up until the Wednesday before the event.

♣ You must be present to pick up your packet. Sorry, but we’re unable to mail packets if you can’t attend.

♣ Event parking is anywhere on the streets in the vicinity of the Park, or at your hotel. Please ride over if you’re staying nearby.

♣ All riders will line up together at the start line at 7:15am for announcements and instructions. Official start is 7:30am.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, we’re riding on open roads, so everyone must obey all traffic laws including staying in your lane of travel (both on pavement and on dirt) and stopping at stop signs. Expect local vehicular and ATV traffic along the route. On paved sections, please use the shoulder when there is one; and if not, ride to the right and be mindful and respectful of traffic approaching from the rear. Please use common sense and remember that safety is your responsibility. You should maintain the same level of attentiveness and alertness during the event as you would while out training on your own.


♦ All riders must pay the event entry fee, and sign the official event waiver without any modification.

♦ All riders must be present 15 minutes prior to the 7:30am start time for the pre-ride announcements.

♦ At all times while in motion, all riders must wear an properly fitted and fastened helmet.

♦ No headphones or ear buds which cover both ears. If you absolutely must listen to music or a podcast or a guided meditation, please keep one ear free so you can hear what’s going on around you.

♦ Riders are responsible for their own bike maintenance/repairs. Please bring a bike in working order. If you’ve made or had repairs/modifications done right before the ride, be sure and take it for a ride to make sure all is well. Please carry an extra tube (or 2) and plenty of CO2 or a pump. We’ll have some basic tools and a floor pump at aid stations just in case; and will likely have tubes and CO2 for purchase in case of emergency.

♦ Be responsible for your hydration and calorie needs. Refill and refuel at our fully stocked aid stations and/or carry your preferred grub and/or give us drop bags with your favorite treats and we’ll deliver them to the aid stations at mile to top of Kanarra Mountain Road and/or Kolob Reservoir.

♦ Please respect, be courteous and show gratitude to event staff. They’re out there for you.

♦ Absolutely NO LITTERING! Please pocket your trash (including the tops of gel packs) until you get to an aid station where we’ll have trash bags. If you come upon someone else’s trash (inadvertently dropped of course), we’d greatly appreciate if you’ll pick it up and deliver it to the next trash bag. This event is held under permit by the Iron County; and we really want them to want us back next year!

Navigation is your responsibility. We do our best to mark the course with flags and arrows; but on occasion, wind moves them or mean people take them- and we can’t control that. So, we also provide downloadable GPS files and a printed turn-by-turn route sheet,  We’ll remind you more than once to please study the route in advance and download the route into your GPS or carry a cell phone with the RideWithGPS app. RideWithGPS is FREE and we provide a special route link which lets you use all paid features. That said, we can only do so much to help you. YOU also have to help yourself stay on course. If it’s important to you to be in the results as an official finisher, make sure you complete every inch of the route; and don’t blame anyone ubt yourself if you don’t.

♦ Thou shalt not urinate in public view. (We apologize for even having to state the obvious, but we’ve had some folks who just don’t get it.)

♦ No private support vehicles or any kind.

♦ Other than the neutral start, where police will stop traffic and you’ll roll through lights, this event is held on open roads and you must ride safely, as far to the right as possible, and respect other traffic. If during the neutral roll-out you’re unable to stay with the pack and the sweep vehicle passes you, you must stop at all traffic controls in town.


Planet Ultra reserves the right to DQ any rider who violates any of the above rules, or for any other safety violation or other unsportsmanlike conduct, without warning.


100K Riders who arrive at the Kanarra Mountain Road Summit aid station (mile 15ish) after 10:30am will be required to switch to the 60K route, which is still super awesome and plenty challenging.

If you don’t make the cut-off time or are otherwise unable to finish, please check in at the finish and report yourself as having switched divisions or DNF, or send a text to the phone number on the route sheet.


There are 5 full aid stations along the 100K route and 3 on the 60K route stocked with plenty of water, sports drink, Clif bars and a whole bunch of other snacks and treats. We’ll have soda at the final aid station. You’ll need to stop and pick up what you need.

You may leave extra clothing at Aid #1 and we’ll bring it to the finish line for you.

Mindful that some folks have super specific nutrition and drink wants/needs, you may bring two small bags (ziplock or brown lunch-size bags like you had in elementary school) filled with your edibles to the start line and we’ll deliver them to Aid Station #1 (which is also Aid #3 for the 100K) at Mile 18.2 and/or Aid Station #2 at Mile 34. Nothing breakable in the bags please. Be sure and mark each bag with your name and the preferred location. Please don’t put anything in your drop bag other than things you don’t mind not getting back if you forget to pick it up.