Q:  Do you folks have a Facebook page?


Of course! Who doesn’t?
In fact we have 4 cycling-related pages:

1. Gravel Grinder Cycling: Which covers all our mixed-terrain events;

2. Fire Road 100: Which is focused on the Cedar City Fire Road 100K race in particular;

3. Planet Ultra: For all our roadie-only friends;

4. Hoodoo 500: Catering to our über-ultra racers.

Please Like and Follow us on one or all. On occasion the same post will appear on each of the pages; but generally speaking you won’t be inundated with stuff on your newsfeed because honestly, we’re out riding our bikes.

Oh yeah, we’re on Instagram too!

Q:  Which bike should I bring?


For those of you stoked to have N+1 bikes and actually have a choice, a gravel bike, adventure bike, cyclocross bike or hard-tail mountain bike are all fine choices. Entirely up to you. Make it part of your strategy.

That said, a full-suspension mountain bike is not needed or recommended; but if that’s all you’ve got, bring it.

A road bike would be a big mistake. Seriously.